According to Groupon’s privacy statement, you have to contact support directly and ask them to delete your account. Make sure your account balance is positive, then issue a support ticket requesting to close your account. Email and ask to have your account deleted. Contact Discord’s customer support and request for your account to be closed.

  • You can complete this process with a few clicks.
  • Apart from allowing companies to collaborate remotely, Zoom has also turned out to be the go-to way for most people to connect with their loved ones.
  • It also means that these addons are easy to create as they’re essentially just lists of sources.
  • The best VPNs have powerful built-in ad blocking to help you stay safe.
  • In line 6 of the macro, the Replace method looks for “b” and replaces it with an empty string “”.

Over the past year, Discord has received several updates to make it a mainstream communication platform and not just one focused on gamers. One key example of this would be Discord Stage Channels, the company’s Clubhouse-like feature to encourage open interactions. With the increased general userbase, if your friends have recently joined the platform, here’s how you can host a Netflix streaming party on Discord. We will teach you how to stream Netflix on Discord with sound and without any black screen issues.

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In the right pane click Add someone else to this PC button. In today’s article, we’ll show you how to fix this annoying issue. Restart your computer and see if the if Chrome is now saving profiles on your new profile. Open Chrome and click on your account icon (top-right corner). Inside the Settings screen, go to the Autofill tab and click on Passwords.

Disable uBlock Origin

Here’s how to use Google Password Manager on all of your devices. You can also choose to turn off the password saving feature. Alternatively, you can choose to enable password saving on sites that register the feature as previously disabled. At the bottom of the page is where you can find the list of sites where you instructed Chrome not to save passwords. However, deleting passwords on your device may be necessary. If you forget to log out of your Google account, then anyone with access to your computer can preview all your saved passwords if they also know your computer’s password.

Once you have picked the channel and stream quality, click on the “Go Live” button to start the stream. Pick the voice channel you’d like to host the movie in and set the resolution. If you don’t have Discord Nitro, the maximum resolution you can stream is 720p at 30fps. To stream Netflix at 1080p/ 60fps, you will require a Discord Nitro subscription. You will now see a list of apps running in the background. Pick the browser window with Netflix and click the “Add Game” button.

The free version offers all the features of a trustworthy and easy-to-use password manager. It automatically saves and fills your passwords, works on multiple platforms Go Now and even offline, and is protected with one of the latest encryption algorithms.